Competition scores

Just posted all the winning scores and winning images up to but not including last night.

Find them at competition central.

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Winning Scores

Winning scores for digital in December have been posted!

Good luck at this Thursday’s competition.

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Holiday Party

The 2013 SBCC CHRISTMAS PARTY will be held at Bethany Congregational Church, 3 Rockhill Street, Foxboro, MA.  Location is here.

The Bethany Church is immediately next to the Orpheum Theatre on the traffic circle in Foxboro, MA.

Plentiful parking is available in the parking lot off Market street, also adjacent to the Church.

We will conduct the Christmas party in the same way as in  previous years, so please plan on arriving at the location with your potluck dish anytime after 6:00 P.M. After setting up the buffet, we’ll commence the party at approx. 7:00 P.M.


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Winning Images, Scores Posted

Just posted the winning scores and list of winning images to the website. I posted winning images last week. Follow the links below to see:

Digital Scores
Print Scores
Slides Scores

Winning Gallery

Winning Digital
Winning Print
Winning Slides 


Rob De

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Challenge # 1 Gallery


This gallery contains 12 photos.

CHALLENGE # 1 – Aperture Below are some of the submitted images.  Remember these Challenges are not a beauty contest, but rather a chance to see and learn how different settings affect the image, depth of field, etc. and how … Continue reading

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Shoot to Learn Challenge – Concept & Logistics

Stony Brook “Shoot To Learn” Challenges
Concept & Logistics

Hello everyone, welcome to “Shoot To Learn” The SBCC new bi-weekly photo / challenge. We will challenge ourselves to learn how to use our cameras to the most of our ability and hopefully grow as photographers as well. For these challenges you do not need a fancy camera or tons of lenses; what you will need is a camera that allows you to use Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual mode, your willingness to contribute and a desire to learn, THAT’S IT!

The goal of these challenges is to help us learn our way around our cameras better and to try the other features that will get you comfortable moving beyond automatic mode. It should also be FUN and will at least, get us out to shoot something every week or so. It also is hoped that we will all become more comfortable joining the Competitions and Image Studies that regularly occur at SBCC as well as the Quad, NECCC, etc.

Each Challenge email will include some basic tips on how to set your camera and a basic review of the the topic. Challenge # 1 is about “Aperture”, Challenge #2 will be “Shutter” and the Third will be “Exposure” so we will quickly cover the Holy Trinity of the Exposure Triangle. Future Challenges will go into more detail about blurring fast action or freezing the action, Fill Flash etc. After this gets going, please feel free to suggest or recommend other topics you want to see. Stony Brook has a vast wealth of knowledge in its members.

The initial Challenges will be fairly basic to get us all on the same page and then will venture further afield depending on the suggestions of the Challengers for topics of more depth as appropriate.

LOGISTICS: Lessons will be posted on Friday evenings (starting sometime in September) and will run for two weeks before the next Challenge is posted. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to post in completed Challenges, I promise not only will I look at new posts but others will as well.

a. The initial challenges will be sent out by email from a new email address:
b. Submit your images in jpeg format via the same email address and I will upload them to the SBCC Blog website with ability for members to comment and provide constructive criticism.
c. I will post your images along with their EXIF data Shutter Speed, f/Stop, etc.
d. During the week please go to the SBCC blog site to see the posts and comment on any as you wish. Especially appreciated would be constructive comments, helpful to the Challenger. Comments like “Great Picture” while generous, will not be as useful as “Nice Picture; but had you considered cropping out some of the dead space in the sky?” or “Nice; but try moving the subject off-center so as not to Bulls-eye it” etc. (the Blog site can be found from the Stone Brook Website ( if you look in the News Section.

I also ask the following:
* If you have questions about the challenge or your camera’s operation please ask via email and we’ll try to help. I have also found that the vendors almost always have a pdf downloadable version of your camera’s manual that is sometimes helpful. When in doubt, “RTFM” meaning Read The Foolish Manual” (or something close to that).

* If I post something that you think is wrong, correct me. (I’m still learning too!) I shoot with a Sony A55 and may not always be as familiar with your particular Cannon, Nikon or other brand but will get answers for you from other members.

* If you know a better way to do something, let us all know.

* Be open to people offering not only words of encouragement but also offering advice on how to improve.

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Appreciation Portrait Photo Shoot Wrentham Senior Center

Last summer the following club members photographed members of the Wrentham Senior Center community and printed 8×10 portraits which were given to subjects:  David Marshak, Adam Ellis, Scott Langille, Pamela Ruby Russell, Joe McCadden, Ellen Kawadler, Sandy Anderson, Peyton Roberts, Tony Risica and Vicki Schepps.

Below is Pamela Ruby Russell’s inspriing essay on the subject.

Photographing My Fellow Travelers.

First, I would like to thank Vicki Schepps for giving me the opportunity to spend time photographing some very lovely and interesting individuals.  It was a truly worthwhile endeavor, one that helped me become a better photographer and person.  As an artist, it was a most humbling experience, seeing my own fears and hopes for my life reflecting back at me in my lens as I photographed people who had lived long and complicated lives.  There are no strangers and we are all on the same path.  We all want to be loved, appreciated, respected… and safe.

In a few short paragraphs, I would like to explore and share with you, my fellow Stony Brook Club members, my experience during the “Elder Shoot” at the Senior Center. I am not going to speak about exposures, numbers, ISO’s, etc.  There are far more technically proficient photographers among you who were shooting that day…

Several of my subjects had never before had the opportunity to be “professionally” photographed.  It was new for them, being the sole focus of a camera’s lens, the center of attraction, where “it” was all about them.  When permitted, I was happy to explore their feelings with them, giving them as much time as they needed to find comfort and safety as they invited me to really “see” them, “exposed”, in natural light…  no special lighting or effects… just the two of us and my camera.  In one case, I coaxed a subject into taking down her tightly drawn up hair, allowing the softness of her graying hairline to more gently frame her face… Her eyes relaxed immediately, her face opened up beautifully.

Many folks of a “certain age”, both women and men, those of us who engage in that sinful luxury of a few stolen minutes spent in front of the mirror, studying our faces as we make ready for the day or we prepare for bed, are quite aware, some of us more painfully so, of the passage of time.  I once read a book called “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” and one chapter was called “Faded Beauties”. The scourge of vanity is one that many folks struggle with.  In reality, growing older with grace and, as long as we are blessed, in good health, loving others and living our lives with enthusiasm and joy, it all comes through on our faces.  Our society puts much pressure on the impossible task of “staying young.”  But little is said about the value of wisdom and lives well lived, or just lived as best we can.

In my Senior Center photographs I worked hard to celebrate and explore the beauty of the wrinkle, the value of a laugh line as well as those lines that denote cares and responsibilities fulfilled, the wisdom, depth of character and the sparkle found in the eyes of my subjects.  Even the disappointments of dreams unfulfilled made for worthwhile portraits of fascinating subjects. I used my judgment as well as, yes, Photoshop in softening some contours and lines, but made sure the finished images were authentic interpretations of my subjects.

Life is heavy, not always easy.  And our faces show all…  if we as photographers can honestly permit our subjects to show up as they really are and not whom they think they SHOULD be, if we can share our compassion, patience and sense of gratitude with them, they will relax and welcome us into their souls and allow us to see deep into their eyes.  Our cameras will capture that and we will take great portraits, honest ones.  I think I was successfully able to achieve this during the shoot and I am most grateful for my subjects’ trust and for the opportunity to share this incredible learning experience with you.

I thank you.

Pamela Ruby Russell – Photographer


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Winning Images Posted

Although I have not posted the scores,  (need to get the most recent scores to Dan to process), I posted the winning images from our first competition.

For those who win in the print category, don’t forget to send images to

They are on the home page and here.



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Tomorrow’s Competition

For tomorrow’s competition night, Class B Digital General and Class B Color Prints will receive comments.

See below for details through the year those categories highlighted will receive comments.

Sep 12, 2013

Class A&B Digital General, Digital Creative, Class A&B Color Prints

Oct 10, 2013

Class A&B    Digital Nature, Slide Nature, Slide Creative, Black & White Prints

Nov 14, 2013

Class A&B    Digital General, Slide General, Class A&B Color Prints

Dec 12, 2013

Class A&B    Digital Nature, Slide Nature, Digital Creative, Slide Creative

Jan 9, 2014

Class A&B Digital Nature, Slide Nature, Class A&B Color Prints, Black & White    Prints

Feb 13, 2014

Digital    Creative, Slide General, Slide Creative, Black & White Prints

Mar 13, 2014

Class A&B Digital General, Slide General, Class A&B Color Prints

Apr 10, 2014

Class A&B    Digital General, Digital Creative, Slide General, Slide Creative

Apr 17, 2014

Quad Club Selection

May 8, 2014

Class A&B    Digital Nature, Slide Nature, Black & White Prints

May 25, 2014

Image of the Year

Comments will be provided for those categories marked in yellow.

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Are you ready for the new season?

Lots of updates made to the website today…

1) Updated the list of officers and committee members.  We have some open slots so consider volunteering.

2) Updated the calendar.  The program committee have a wonderful 2013/2014 season planned.

PDF Calendar

Static Calendar

Interactive Calendar

3) Updated the member classes for this year’s competitions

4) and posted the new competition calendar that now shows which categories will receive comments each night.








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Stony Brook Camera Club to Exhibit at the Norfolk Public Library

Press release  Jul 3, 2013
For immediate release
Contact Jake Jacobson 774 571-1934 for additional information and images (17 available)

Twenty-two members of the Stony Brook Camera Club will be exhibiting sixty-seven photographs at the Norfolk Library during the month of July.  The exhibition contains an eclectic mix of landscape, travel, portrait, creative, and macro images by some extremely talented local photographers.

An artist’s reception will be held at the library on Wednesday, July 10, from 7-9PM.  Light refreshments will be served.

This is a truly regional exhibit featuring works by artists Steve Cross of Bellingham, Alexandra Jordankova of Brockton, Janet Roxborough, Kirsten Torkelson, and Ted Mertz of Foxboro, Rob DeRobertis, Brian Henderson, and Rebecca Skinner of Franklin, Tony Mistretta of Holliston, Billi Manning of Hopedale, Dan Gyves of Mansfield, Vicki Schepps and Rob van Zadelhoff of Medfield, Jason Traiger of Milford, Elaine Chisholm and Cynde Cusak of Millis, Pamela Ruby Russell of Norfolk, Ann Bertulli of Northbridge, Karl West of Walpole, Joe Kennedy of West Bridgewater, and Peyton Roberts and Rich Reynolds of Wrentham.

The Stony Brook Camera Club, in our 43nd year, promotes enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography. There are currently 165 members representing every regional town who meet weekly from September to June at the Wrentham Senior Center for photographic presentations, competitions, and workshops.  For more information on the club please visit the website

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Below is the list of winners from this year’s competition.  Congratulations to all.  Have a great Summer, see you at NECCC and keep in touch on Facebook!

Tony Risica 101 3rd    
Diane Doyon 103 2nd    
Tony Mistretta 106 1st    
Tony Risica IOY     BEAT YA!
Diane Doyon 95 3rd   Moves up to Class A Color Prints
Lou Fraga 98 2nd   Moves up to Class A Color Prints
Richard Reynolds 104 1st   Moves up to Class A Color Prints
Tony Mistretta 102 3rd    
Tony Risica 104 2nd    
Diane Robertson 104 2nd    
Karl Zuzarte 106 1st    
Michael Di Stefano 98 2nd    
Ray Guillette 102 1st    
Ray Guillette IOY     HEMLOCK ROAD NO. 2
Diane Robertson 105 2nd    
Ray Guillette 110 1st    
Diane Robertson 102 2nd    
Ray Guillette 102 2nd    
Michael Di Stefano 103 1st    
Michael Di Stefano IOY     NOT FORGOTTEN
Debra Boucher 100 3rd    
Richard Reynolds 100 3rd    
Ellen Kawadler 100 3rd    
Tony Mistretta 100 3rd    
Denise Duhamel 103 2nd    
Andre Bourque 106 1st    
Andre Bourque IOY     ICARUS ON WHEELS
Brian Henderson 102 3rd   Moves up to Class A Digital for General & Nature
David Morin 103 2nd   Moves up to Class A Digital for General & Nature
Stephanie Sioras 105 1st   Moves up to Class A Digital for General & Nature
Robert Lehanka 95 3rd   Moves up to Class A Digital for General & Nature
David Morin 98 2nd   Moves up to Class A Digital for General & Nature
Richard Reynolds 103 1st   Moves up to Class A Digital for General & Nature
Vicky Elliot IOY     MADDIE’S RIDE C
Karl Zuzarte 109 3rd    
Tony Risica 110 2nd    
Wendy McIntosh 111 1st    
Ann Bertulli 101 3rd    
Donna Parker 102 2nd    
Michael O’Connor 103 1st    
Andre Bourque        
Richard Reynolds      
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