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Stony Brook Camera Club - Jeff Curto

Homework-Passion-Mission - Jeff Curto

Resources and Opportunities - Jeff Curto

SBCC B&W Photography Notes 2017 - Tony Mistretta

SBCC B&W Slide Presentation 2017 - Tony Mistretta

Photoshop Tips for April 13 - Ellen Kawadler

Should I compete - Andre Bourque

Winter and Snow Photography for SBCC - Glenn Browning

Composting - Expanding your Creative Space - Jim Christensen

Creating Digital Art - Rich Reynolds

Favorite Photoshop Tips Notes 2015 - Rick Cloran

Creating your photographic workflow - Rob DeRobertis

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts - (Link)

Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts - (Link)

Macro Tools and Techniques - Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Summary For Shooting Creative Photos - Jim West

Action Photography - Richard Reynolds

Pop-up Flash Adapter for Macro Photography - Art Vaughan

Lightroom Informational Links - Ellen Kawadler

Lightroom Part One Slides - Ellen Kawadler

Creating Fine Art Images Powerpoint - Denise Duhamel

Using Textures to Create Fine Art Florals - Denise Duhamel

Notes on Hanson Fong's Bounce Card - Hanson Fong

Getting Your Photos on the Web - Robert DeRobertis

Basic Digital Photography - James West

Photo Printing - Phil Giordano, James West.

Legal, Business and Ethical Issues of Photography Resoruces - Vicky Schepps

Windows on Our World-Through the Lenes of Snowbirds - Joan & Richard Shirley

Camera techniques for Nikon Part 1 - Frank Gorga

Camera techniques for Nikon Part 2 - Frank Gorga

The Creative Process Speaker Notes - Ray Guillette

The Creative Process Hand Out - Ray Guillette

The Freeman Patterson Effect - Rick Cloran

On Camera Flash Techniques - Phil Giordano

A Photographer's Guide To Color - Ray Guillette

Digital Image Storage and Backup - Robert Sheppard

Essential and handy photography accessories - Phil Giordano

HDR Talk Sheet - Tony Mistretta

Nik Filter Review - Denise Duhamal

Landscapes - Frank Gorga

Wildlife - Frank Gorga

Nature - Frank Gorga

An overview of Photo Printing - Jim West

Basics of Photoshop Elements - Paula Currivan & Tony Mistretta

Camera Basics - Mike O'Connor

Cityscapes at Night - Harry Davis

Composition in Photography - Diane Robertson

Creative Process - Tony Mistretta 

Extension Tubes - compensation for close-up photography - Dan Charbonnet

From Camera to Screen - Tony Mistretta

Hyperfocal Tables - Dan Charbonnet

Lasting Prints (A how to) - Shiv Verma

Matting and Framing Articles and Presentations

Photography Basics - Mike O'Connor

SEE of Creativity - Ray Guillette

Six Keys to Competition Photography - John Fuller

Six Keys to Nature Photography - John Fuller

Spring Training - Gary Stanley

Studio Lighting made Easy

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