October 3rd Individual Print Results 2019-2020


Category Image Title Author's Name Score Award
Color A Offering Debra Boucher 30 1st NECCC
Color A Pelican Portrait Debra Boucher 30 1st
Color A Dapper Dude Cynthia Vogan 28 2nd NECCC
Color A Dogwood Blossoms Ellen Kawadler 28 2nd
Color A Motif #1 James West 28 2nd
Color A Sunset Snowy Owl Silvana Della Camera 28 2nd NECCC
Color A Taking Off Ellen Kawadler 28 2nd NECCC
Color A Westfield Airshow F-15 James West 27

Color A Water Lily In Bloom Patricia Cabral 26

Color A Full Moon Over Fall River on Friday 13th Denise Duhamel 25

Color A Harvest Moon Rise at Scituate Lighthouse Silvana Della Camera 25

Color A In the Red Patricia Cabral 25

Color A Summer Beauty Cynthia Vogan 25

Color A The Forest Through The Trees Denise Duhamel 25

Color A Starlight over Yosemite Dan Gyves 25

Color A Daisy Lynda Appel 24

Color A Graffiti Bus Tony Mistretta 24

Color A Pan Mass Challenge Riders Tony Mistretta 24

Color A Sunflower Reflection Jim Borrebach 24

Color A The Knob Karen Fitzgerald 24

Color A The Scream Lynda Appel 24

Color A Yosemite Meadow Dan Gyves 24

Color A The Colors of Madaket Karen Fitzgerald 23

Color B Iris swirl Ann Bertulli 28 1st
Color B Little Screech Faith Martin 28 1st
Color B Crystal Mill Allan Litchfield 27 2nd
Color B Secret Passage Tom Amsterburg 27 2nd
Color B Castle Hill Lighthouse Donald Steele 26

Color B Hydranga Ann Bertulli 26

Color B On Vassar Street Tom Amsterburg 26

Color B Colorado View Allan Litchfield 24

Color B Sparrow David McLaughlin 24

Color B Tennis Hall of Fame-Name That Ball Donald Steele 24

Color B Lady Slipper Faith Martin 23

Color B Wild Rose David McLaughlin 23

Monochrome Father and Son Cynthia Vogan 30 1st NECCC
Monochrome Soajo Portugal James West 30 1st
Monochrome The Pirate's Eyeing You Ellen Kawadler 30 1st NECCC
Monochrome Rest Easy Allan Litchfield 28
Monochrome Sophie Cynthia Vogan 26

Monochrome Stormy at Brant Point Karen Fitzgerald 26

Monochrome The Park Patricia Cabral 26

Monochrome Worn Piano Keys Ellen Kawadler 26

Monochrome Calaveras County Homestead Dan Gyves 26
Monochrome Cinnamon Mountain Allan Litchfield 25

Monochrome Dewdrop Rose Tony Mistretta 25

Monochrome Lonely Tree of the Palouse Karen Fitzgerald 25

Monochrome Night Reflections Tom Amsterburg 25

Monochrome A Frog's Pad Patricia Cabral 24

Monochrome Athabasca Falls Alberta Canada James West 24

Monochrome Enchanted Garden Tony Mistretta 24

Monochrome Grasshopper Ann Bertulli 24

Monochrome Spring Thaw in New Hampshire Silvana Della Camera 24

Monochrome Swept Away Silvana Della Camera 24

Monochrome St. Peter's Bird Lover Dan Gyves 24

Monochrome Kresge Auditorium Tom Amsterburg 23

Monochrome The cousin gang Ann Bertulli 23

Monochrome Denali Park David McLaughlin 22

Monochrome Heart of the Mountain David McLaughlin 22

Monochrome Three Towers - Providence River Elizabeth Siftar 22

Monochrome Bandstand - Roger Williams Park Elizabeth Siftar 20

Travel Mighty Big Ben Silvana Della Camera 30 1st
Travel They All Lived Happily Ever After Denise Duhamel 30 1st MC1
Travel Ponte da Barca Portugal James West 28 2nd
Travel Douro River Portugal James West 27
Travel Postcard Sunset in Islamorada Silvana Della Camera 27

Travel Providence Fireworks Tom Amsterburg 27

Travel Tunnel View with Rainbow Dan Gyves 27

Travel Acadia star trails Faith Martin 26

Travel Half Dome Reflection Denise Duhamel 26
Travel The Pier at Lake Seneca Karen Fitzgerald 26

Travel Curtis Island Light Tom Amsterburg 25

Travel Oak Bluffs Lighthouse Tony Mistretta 25

Travel Diagon Dragon David McLaughlin 24

Travel La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere Tony Mistretta 24

Travel Metropolitan David McLaughlin 24

Travel Old Boat Faith Martin 24

Travel Pienza, Italy Dan Gyves 24

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