October 4th Individual Print Results 2018-2019



Category Image Title Author's Name Judge's Score Award
Monochrome Summer Dahlias Tony Mistretta 26
Monochrome Boats Robert DeRobertis 27 2nd
Monochrome This Flag is my flag Ed Gooltz 25
Monochrome Queens Guard Louis Fraga 24
Monochrome Cape Cod Snow Fence Ellen Kawadler 27 2nd
Monochrome Oak Bluffs Robert DeRobertis 26
Monochrome Kenji Bruce Garber 22
Monochrome Energy Of Nature Karen Regan 24
Monochrome Cloud Cover at the Salt Pond Karen Fitzgerald 26
Monochrome Amour a Deux Jim Borrebach 25
Monochrome What Goes Around May Not Come Around Ed Gooltz 24
Monochrome Dominoes Player John Wiliszowski 26
Monochrome Embraced by Fog Silvana Della Camera 27 2nd
Monochrome Central Walk Louis Fraga 25
Monochrome Developing the Sea Port Karen Fitzgerald 25
Monochrome The Bride John Wiliszowski 26
Monochrome Marshall Light in the Fog Ellen Kawadler 28 1st
Monochrome Icelandic Waterfall Karen Regan 24
Monochrome Sicilian Vase and Signorina Tony Mistretta 25
Monochrome Desert Night Jim Borrebach 25
Monochrome Uxbridge Farm Silvana Della Camera 22
Monochrome The Instructor Allan Litchfield 27 2nd
Monochrome Eddy's Corner Tom Amsterburg 27 2nd
Monochrome Bus Stop Ladies Ellen Berenson 27 2nd
Monochrome Reflection Ellen Berenson 28 1st
Monochrome Adobe Church Dan Gyves 26
Monochrome Saint Etienne Cathedral Andre Bourque 24
Monochrome Ontario Barn Don Steele 26
Monochrome Norman Bates used to scare me. Now it's Mitch McConnell. Pat Coakley 25
Monochrome City of London Andre Bourque 24
Monochrome White Men in Training for the Supreme Court Pat Coakley 22
Monochrome Stairs on Tower Paul McDermott 24
Color B Night Pier Faith Martin 27
Color B The Garden at The Gardner Ed Gooltz 24
Color B Pemaquid Point Light Louis Fraga 22
Color B Wells Beach Louis Fraga 24
Color B Watermelon Polo in Maine Allan Litchfield 26
Color B Sail Away Bruce Garber 20
Color B Autumn Reflections Faith Martin 24
Color B Fisheating Creek Ed Gooltz 22
Color B Rose on Glass Lynda Appel 28 1st
Color B Summer Evening at Mann's Pond Lynda Appel 28 1st
Color B Palouse Power Lines Dan Gyves 28 1st
Color B Peacham Panorama Dan Gyves 20
Color B McGrath Pond Reflected Ted Mertz 25
Color B Shapes of Le Louvre Nancy Parade 26
Color B Hydrangea Heart Anita Gilbert 27
Color B Reclaimed Ellen Berenson 24
Color B Lynx Beth Hauptman 25
Color B Wood Duck Ted Mertz 26
Color B Spanish Bee Ellen Berenson 26
Color B Tulips in my Kitchen Nancy Parade 25
Color B Fire Boat Water Salute Tom Amsterburg 22
Color B Loon on Lake Messalonskee Beth Hauptman 20
Color A Pan Mass Hero Tony Mistretta 25
Color A The Wave Jim Borrebach 27
Color A Mayo Beach Roses Karen Regan 28 2nd
Color A Troll of Hvitserkur Tony Mistretta 25
Color A Blue Jay and the Bird Bath Debra Boucher 24
Color A Moon Rise over Boston Silvana Della Camera 27
Color A The Oil House at Race Point Karen Fitzgerald 24
Color A IR Sanitarium Robert DeRobertis 26
Color A Buttonwood 2018 Robert DeRobertis 26
Color A Siblings Karen Fitzgerald 28 2nd
Color A The Watering Can Ellen Kawadler 26
Color A Seagull Ellen Kawadler 25
Color A Joshua Tree Jim Borrebach 25
Color A Milky Way over Scituate Light Silvana Della Camera 29 1st
Color A Pretty Poppies Debra Boucher 28 2nd
Color A Watching Lucifer Fall Richard Van Inwegen 24
Color A Chasing Light at Watkins Glen Richard Van Inwegen 26
Color A Old Orchard Pier at Sunrise Andre Bourque 27
Color A Sunrise at Highland Light Karen Regan 24
Travel Piccolomini Library Jake Jacobson 23
Travel Rafting on the Merced River Jim Borrebach 22
Travel Riomaggiore Jake Jacobson 22
Travel Glass Museum Allan Litchfield 25
Travel Icelandic Glacier Karen Regan 24
Travel Shanghai Harbor John Wiliszowski 30 1st
Travel Portland Head Light Jim Borrebach 22
Travel Come See Our Cars Ed Gooltz 20
Travel Aurora over Black Church of Budir Tony Mistretta 27
Travel Old Man of Storr - Isle Of Skye, Scotland UK Karen Regan 29 2nd
Travel Storm over Manhattan Silvana Della Camera 24
Travel Liisbon Fountain Louis Fraga 20
Travel Reflective Friends Robert DeRobertis 22
Travel Kolufossar Falls Tony Mistretta 26
Travel Travel Tokyo Bruce Garber 22
Travel The Streets of Hong Kong Robert DeRobertis 20
Travel Sunrise at Portland Head Lighthouse Karen Fitzgerald 22
Travel Santorini No 1 John Wiliszowski 24
Travel Motif Watercolor Ann Bertulli 22
Travel St Jorge Castle Louis Fraga 20
Travel Down Under Ed Gooltz 22
Travel Morning hike in the Berkshires Allan Litchfield 27
Travel Phillie Love Ann Bertulli 26
Travel Lisbon by Night Tom Amsterburg 22
Travel Nubble Light before the Storm Silvana Della Camera 24
Travel Morning in Vermont Ellen Berenson 20
Travel Portland Head Lighthouse Debra Boucher 24
Travel Manorola Italy Ted Mertz 28 MC
Travel West Dennis Beach Ellen Berenson 22
Travel Allium on Boston Common Debra Boucher 26
Travel London Eye Ride Andre Bourque 29 2nd

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