December 2nd Individual Print Results 2021-2022


Competition Type Image Title Author's Name Score Awards
Monochrome A Lotus Silvana Della Camera 29 1st
Monochrome House on Walnut Street Tony Mistretta 28 2nd
Monochrome I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike Ryan Osborne 25
Monochrome Mushrooms Jake Jacobson 24
Monochrome Shaggy Scalycap Mushrooms Tony Mistretta 27
Monochrome Take these broken wings and learn to fly. Ryan Osborne 25
Monochrome The Park Patricia Cabral 27
Monochrome To Infinity and Beyond Jim Borrebach 28 2nd
Monochrome Water Lily Reflections Silvana Della Camera 24
Monochrome Water Power Jim Borrebach 25
Monochrome You Are Conscious Matter Tom Amsterburg 26
Color B Grist Mill Ryan Osborne 24
Color B Hummingbird Jake Jacobson 26
Color B Stony Brook fall foliage Jake Jacobson 27
Color B Strike a pose Ryan Osborne 30 1st
Color B The Stars Above Tom Amsterburg 27
Color B View from Prospect Terrace Park Tom Amsterburg 29 2nd
Color A California Lighthouse Silvana Della Camera 25
Color A Early Morning At Shaw Pond Jim Borrebach 24
Color A Frog Living in the Moment Tony Mistretta 26
Color A Pond Edge Jim Borrebach 27 2nd
Color A US Army Marathon Runner Tony Mistretta 24
Color A West Quoddy Lighthouse Silvana Della Camera 30 1st
Color A You See Me, I See You Patricia Cabral 26
Color A Your Attention Please Patricia Cabral 30 1st

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