Workshop: Camera and Photography Basics with Tony Mistretta

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The event will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

This workshop will help you to learn how to use your digital camera.  If you find yourself always using Auto mode and not using the many other creative camera capabilities, this workshop is for you. 

This workshop is for beginners and advanced beginners. It will cover the basic things you need to know to make good pictures with your digital camera.  We will survey the group participants prior to the workshop to determine what cameras they primarily use, so we can be ready to help them as needed.

We will cover as time permits:

  • shutter speed, aperture and ISO and their relationship to one another
  • types and characteristics of lenses
  • auto and manual focus modes
  • composition
  • color balance
  • black and white
  • use of available and artificial light (flash)
  • make use of histograms
  • best practices for landscapes, portraits, action, macro
  • high dynamic range (HDR)
  • uploading digital photos to your computer

The workshop will include some group exercises to immediately put what you learn to practice. 

This is a repeat of Tony's very popular workshop that he presented last year.

About Tony:

Tony Mistretta is a creative and award winning photographer who enjoys capturing life moments to share and make people happy.  He will photograph almost anything of interest, but especially enjoys people, events, nature and fine art.

Tony has been making photographic images since he first took up an interest at a very young age, using a film camera and developing and printing images in a chemical darkroom. He now uses digital cameras and photo-editing software but still appreciates and creates black & white images, sometimes using a digital infrared camera for a creative effect.

Tony is a member and past president of the Stony Brook Camera Club in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Tom Amsterburg will sit in and assist with anyone who needs help as we go along.  Tony’s expertise is primarily with Canon cameras and Tom is an expert with Nikon cameras. 


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Camera Basics Workshop by Tony Mistretta

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