December 6th Individual Print Results 2018-2019


Category Image Title Author's Name Judge's Score Award
Monochrome 3rd Christmas, and ready! Allan Litchfield 28 2nd
Monochrome Abandoned Ship Tony Mistretta 27
Monochrome Bodie Wooden Cart Ellen Kawadler 24
Monochrome Grist Mill Sudbury Robert DeRobertis 24
Monochrome Home on Inis Oirr Ellen Kawadler 27
Monochrome Icelandic Horse Tony Mistretta 27
Monochrome Irish Thatched Cottage Silvana Della Camera 25
Monochrome New York Public Library Robert DeRobertis 26
Monochrome Reflections of Ross Castle Silvana Della Camera 28 2nd
Monochrome The Old Viaduct Karen Fitzgerald 26
Monochrome Kathadin Falls Andre Bourque 29 1st
Monochrome Torrey Andre Bourque 28 2nd
Monochrome Contemplation Deb Mattia 28 2nd
Monochrome Doorway to St. Oran's Chapel at Iona Abbey Karen Regan 27
Monochrome Eiffek Tower Patricia Cabral 27
Monochrome St Oran's Chapel at Iona Abbey Karen Regan 24
Monochrome Coffee in Paris Patricia Cabral 23
Color B Amherst Old Chapel Lynda Appel 29 2nd
Color B Crookabeck Collie 7429 Dan Gyves 27
Color B Derwentwater, Cumbria, England Dan Gyves 27
Color B Echo Bridge Tom Amsterburg 26
Color B First Light Allan Litchfield 28 3rd
Color B Grand Prism Spring Tom Amsterburg 27
Color B Here's the plan Allan Litchfield 24
Color B Sunny Trio Lynda Appel 30 1st
Color A An Evening in Killarney Silvana Della Camera 26
Color A Baby Dreams Tony Mistretta 30 1st
Color A Christmas Robert DeRobertis 27
Color A Flower Power Debra Boucher 30 1st
Color A Memorials Silvana Della Camera 26
Color A Ms. Barred Owl Karen Fitzgerald 29
Color A Sicilian Sparkle on a Summer Night Tony Mistretta 28
Color A Still Life Project Edward Weston Remake Robert DeRobertis 24
Color A Tree Swallow Debra Boucher 30 1st
Color A Try a Little Tenderness Karen Fitzgerald 29
Color A Waimea Canyon Storm Tony Risica 30 1st
Color A Wise Guy Patricia Cabral 30 1st
Color A Inching along in a Sunflower Patricia Cabral 28
Color A Night Swan Patricia Cabral 29
Color A Kawai Spouting Horn Tony Risica 28
Color A Wickford Lotus Andre Bourque 28
Color A Salisbury Cathedral Andre Bourque 29
Color A Smile Tony Risica 26
Color A From the Salt Pond Karen Regan 27
Color A Glencoe Scotland Karen Regan 25

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