Mentoring Program


Stony Brook Camera Club was founded to promote enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography through education, and by mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.  The Mentoring Program is designed to help further those goals for all club members from beginner to advanced photographers.

This should be a fun and educational process for both Mentees and Mentors.



1)  That you have formed and communicated clear and specific objectives;
2)  That you will state your specific questions/needs as clearly as possible.  Don’t let a question go unasked;
3)  That you will do your best to listen to and understand the information you’re getting from your Mentor.  If you need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask;
4)  That you understand that direct answers may not always be the most productive way to respond to your questions.  Mentors may ask you to do something that may not directly respond to your question but give it a try and be open-minded;
5)  That you will take notes, and review and use the information learned until it becomes ingrained; and,
6)  That you will treat your Mentor as your friend and respect their time and effort.  A mentoring relationship is a two-way street and success is dependent on your efforts, as well as your mentor’s.


1)  That you will require a clear and specific objective from your Mentee;
2)  That you will lead your Mentee to the answer; provide background, fill in the blanks, and have patience so that the answer will be more meaningful to your Mentee;
3)  That you will ensure that your Mentee actually understands and can apply the information you are trying to impart; and,
4)  That you will treat your Mentee as your friend and respect their time and effort. A mentoring relationship is a two-way street and success is dependent on your efforts, as well as your mentee’s.

Establishing a Mentoring Relationship

Based on the goals and objectives of the Mentee, a Mentor will be assigned by the Mentor Program chairperson.  The Mentor/Mentee relationship should be fun, educational and rewarding for both parties.  Clear identification of goals and aspirations by each Mentee will help lead to a successful relationship.

In order to participate in the Mentoring Program, Mentees are required to provide the following:

1)  Complete the Mentor Request Form as completely and concisely as possible.  Be clear on those topics you wish to focus upon.
2)  Complete Skills and Equipment Questionnaire as completely and concisely as possible.
3)  Completing these forms clearly, concisely and completely will aid the Mentor Program Chair in assigning an appropriate Mentor and will help lead to a successful Mentor/Mentee relationship.
4)  Provide both forms to the Mentor Program Chair either by email, or at a Club Meeting.

Mentor Program in Action

1)  Once a Mentor is assigned, it will be the Mentee’s responsibility to make first contact;
2)  Mentor and Mentee should agree on how best to move forward.  Email contact, phone calls, photography meet ups, photography review and critique are common components of a Mentor/Mentee relationship;
3)  The relationship can be maintained for as short or long a period of time as both parties agree, and may extend past the initial objectives of the Mentee.
4)  Once a Mentor/Mentee relationship has been concluded, Mentees may contact the Mentor Program chair for assignment to another Mentor if they so choose.


Step 1: Mentor Request Form

Step 2: Skills and Equipment Questionnaire



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