Category Image Title Author's Name Judge's Score Award
Monochrome A Quiet Time Allan Litchfield 23
Monochrome At Mount Auburn Cemetery Robert DeRobertis 25
Monochrome Birds of a Feather Tom Amsterburg 23
Monochrome Botanical Garden in Maine Silvana Della Camera 22
Monochrome By the Seashore Tony Mistretta 26
Monochrome Celebrate Allan Litchfield 27
Monochrome Clouds Over My Florida Dream House Tony Mistretta 22
Monochrome Lower Falls, Yellowstone NP Andre Bourque 22
Monochrome Magnificent in Flight Silvana Della Camera 28
Monochrome Moon over Pell Bridge Dan Gyves 25
Monochrome Nautilus Jim Borrebach 29 2nd
Monochrome Remains of the Irish Abbey Ellen Kawadler 30 1st
Monochrome The Olson House Ellen Kawadler 29 2nd
Monochrome White Egret in flight Andre Bourque 29 2nd
Monochrome Winter at Ashland State Park Robert DeRobertis 26
Monochrome Winter Stillness Dan Gyves 24
Monochrome Zoe Jim Borrebach 27
Color B Au Clair de la Super Lune Tom Amsterburg 24
Color B Boston Lynda Appel 30 1st
Color B City Lights Tom Amsterburg 29 2nd
Color B Point Judith Lynda Appel 22
Color B Red Barn at Quechee, Vermont Dan Gyves 29 2nd
Color B Young Runner Allan Litchfield 21
Color A Basking In the Sun Karen Fitzgerald 24
Color A Button Wood Farm Robert DeRobertis 27
Color A Calla Lilies in a Vase Debra Boucher 27
Color A From my Garden Andre Bourque 28 2nd
Color A In Search Of Silvana Della Camera 27
Color A Long Room at Trinity College Silvana Della Camera 25
Color A Old Continental Robert DeRobertis 25
Color A Pelican with Small Fish Tony Mistretta 25
Color A Proud Polly Tony Mistretta 26
Color A Sweedish Flower Hen Rooster Debra Boucher 30 1st
Color A Wickford Lily Andre Bourque 28 2nd
Color A Willis the Snowy Karen Fitzgerald 24

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