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For over 50 years SBCC's mission statement has been “To promote enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography through education, fellowship, exchange of knowledge and experience; and a broad appreciation of nature and environment.”  SBCC includes and welcomes members of all abilities. Whether a casual smartphone shooter or an advanced photographer, everyone grows in knowledge and experience through SBCC’s many programs and workshops.

The Stony Brook Camera Club meets virtually on Thursdays at 6:30 PM for a social hour and 7:30 for the program from September to June. See our calendar for the schedule of events. Our meetings feature competitions, speakers, image studies and discussions of general interest. We also sponsor a number of image-taking activities all year. Anyone is welcome to attend and experience what we are about, although participation in competitions and our many activities requires membership (see the Membership menu item in the Main Menu above).

We hope you enjoy this site and your time with us all.


The Slideshow to the right features  Ribbon Winning Images for 2021-2022

Interested in seeing what Stony Brook Camera Club is all about? You are welcome to join as a Guest Member for 30 days. Just fill out this Form and you will be added to the attendee list for the next 30 days. 

Upcoming Virtual Meetings on Zoom 



May 26th - "Image Makers" - Hosted by Dave Marshak


June 2nd - "Storytelling Portrait Photography" presented by  Paula Swift

Paula will talk about her experience as a photojournalist and how she implements those skills in capturing beautiful, timeless and storytelling portraits of children in today's competitive photography world. She will share images and the story behind captured the technically and emotionally.

Information that Paula will share during her program will includes...
How to capture those unexpected moments
How to get shy children to warm up to you
How to keep children involved in their photography session
Use of props to keep the session looking natural
How to incorporate pets
How to capture children on the go
How to let children be themselves during a session
Learn how to sit back and watch a moment happen
Favorite gear to used at sessions

You can find Paula's work at:

BIO: Paula Ferazzi Swift is a Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, Author, Photography Educator and an International Award Winning photographer working in the Metrowest area of Boston specializing in the art of capturing images of children, their families and relationships that couples share in front of her cameras. Paula’s professional photography studio in Sudbury, MA.

Paula is the current President of the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts – PPAM elected for two terms, 2021-2023. She is also a member of the Professional Photographers of America, a PPA Approved Juror and PPA Councilor for the state of Massachusetts.  In 2017, Paula’s book titled Storytelling Portrait Photography – How to Document the Lives of Children and Families was published by Amherst Media. This book showcases images Paula has taken using her storytelling photography skills as a trained photojournalist. You get a glimpse of what went into capturing each image along with the technical data. There are limited quantities of this book. Follow this link HERE to purchase the book directly from my studio for $20 with free shipping within the United States.

Photography has been a passion of Paula’s ever since she was a child herself, as she was the subject of many photos taken by her older sister, a photojournalist currently at the LA Times. She was given her first manual film camera and introduced to the magic of photography at the young age of 13 and later went on to receive two college degrees in photography and photojournalism.  She worked as a staff photojournalist at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette for 10 years.  Paula decided to take a new path in photography into the world of children and family portraiture, after having had her first son in April 2003.

Paula is an award-winning and nationally-recognized photographer for her published work in newspapers and magazines.   She has been nominated for and won several national and international awards including the recognition of her and the photography staff at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette as finalists for the 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography for their coverage of the Worcester Warehouse fire that killed six Worcester, MA firefighters. Paula has won National Press Photographers Association, New England Associated Press Editors Association awards for her photojournalism work as well as local advertising awards for her photography.





June 9th - Make A Triptych Photography Challenge

As we have done for the last couple of years, we are having another photography challenge this year.  The intent is to be creative, have fun, and challenge yourself to try something different that you may not have done before.  This year’s challenge is to make a diptych or a triptych image.      

        A diptych (or triptych) is a group of two (or three) pictures with a common theme, e.g.,
         - a story or
         - similar compositional elements, colors, treatments, similar subject matter or
         - anything that draws the pictures together as a group

Your diptychs/triptychs will be presented at the Thursday, June 9 club meeting

•        No formal judging will be done but we will vote on a crowd favorite and also award a small gift certificate
•        Please commit* by May 13 and submit your image by June 2
•        One submission per person

* Please email Tom Amsterburg (tslhusa@comcast.net) by May 13 to confirm that you will be participating. Participants will be receiving an email with a link to Google drive to upload their images.


Making a Diptych in Lightroom or Photoshop by Ellen Kawadler   (/Downloads/9e085700-f9ce-4526-a2d1-4d4152a70d56?o=y)

How to Make a Diptych or Triptych (video) by Ellen Kawadler   (https://tinyurl.com/2s46z7es  Passcode: c!*1%3jn)

For a more advanced way to make a Diptych or Triptych using Collections in LR view the following video. Using collections will allow you to easily change the size and order of the images you are choosing.

How to Create Diptychs in Lightroom Classic CC - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypp9g7NPvsw


Examples of triptychs made by Rob DeRobertis:



Image of the Year Winners



     Black & White Prints                          Color Prints - Class B                                   Color Prints - Class A
           A Lotus                                 
View from Prospect Terrace Park                 Aspens at Carbondale, Colorado
     Silvana Della Camera                          Tom Amsterburg                                                 Dan Gyves                 



             People & Portraits                             Black & White Digital
                   Fragile                                             Portrait of a Lynx
           Allan Litchfield                                           Debra Boucher



        Color Open Digital - Class B                               Color Open Digital - Class A                            Color Open Digital - Class AA
            Dawn's Early Light                                      Sunrise at Kaehu Point, Molokai                                  Hofn Ice Cave
              Kathy Sferra                                                      Mary Casey                                                        Charlene Gaboriault



             Nature - Class B                                 Nature - Class A                                           Nature - Class AA
  Look at Me! Wood Duck Display                    Colorful Trees                                                    Fox Trot
           Debbie Cipoletti                                     Ryan Osborne                                            Karen Fitzgerald



Field Trips, Workshops and Events of Interest




Unless noted otherwise in the workshop description, all workshops will occur using Zoom, the same program we use for meetings. Although a microphone and webcam are recommended, you can participate with just a microphone.  As with our meetings, once you register and pay, you will receive an email 2-3 days before the workshop giving you the information you will need to download the program, sign into the workshop and participate.  If we do not fill the workshop with members by the deadline date for registration, we will have the option to open registration to non-members at an increased fee. Rest assured this will still be first come, first serve and will not exceed the maximum number of participants.

Upcoming Workshops





SBCC members can join the SBCC Meetup group for free. We schedule photo walks and field trips via Meetup. This is the LINK to Meetup. How to schedule a Meetup - click HERE


Rob DeRobertis Restrospective and Chat File

<Click on Images for video or chat





Through Your Eyes Invitation - Highlighting Some Of Our Members

Click on Image for video

Check out more videos HERE


After 2 years of hiatus, SBCC Reflections is back! In case you aren't familiar with the newsletter, you can check out past issues HERE.

Donna Parker and Tom Amsterburg are now the editors of Reflections and they would like to solicit articles from members for the newsletter, such as travelogues, how-to articles, review of favorite editing software, "how I made this image", and so forth. 
They want to hear from YOU, our members, so please reach out to them with your images and article ideas. Below are the links to their email addresses.

Tom's EMAIL 
Donna’s EMAIL


Need suggestions for places to go out and shoot???

Check out our information on Photo Shoot Locations at /d/b56444bf-9b6e-4ac3-a22d-b3e2f5f766be   or Click on the “Resources & Links” tab and then Click on “Photo Shoot Locations”.




Note: If you need elevator access at Dean College for club meetings, please contact Alan at 508-254-3182 and he will make arrangements with Dean staff. Dean does not leave the elevator key in the elevator door, per their own internal policies.  Text or phone call is fine and I would suggest contacting me before 5pm on the day of the meeting.


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