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For over 50 years SBCC's mission statement has been “To promote enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography through education, fellowship, exchange of knowledge and experience; and a broad appreciation of nature and environment.”  SBCC includes and welcomes members of all abilities. Whether a casual smartphone shooter or an advanced photographer, everyone grows in knowledge and experience through SBCC’s many programs and workshops.

The Stony Brook Camera Club meets virtually on Thursdays at 6:30 PM for a social hour and 7:30 for the program from September to June. See our calendar for the schedule of events. Our meetings feature competitions, speakers, image studies and discussions of general interest. We also sponsor a number of image-taking activities all year. Anyone is welcome to attend and experience what we are about, although participation in competitions and our many activities requires membership (see the Membership menu item in the Main Menu above).

We hope you enjoy this site and your time with us all.


The Slideshow to the right features  Ribbon Winning Images from our March 2023 Competitions

Interested in seeing what Stony Brook Camera Club is all about? You are welcome to join as a Guest Member for 30 days. Just fill out this Form and you will be added to the attendee list for the next 30 days. 

Upcoming Meetings


For now, all of our meetings will either be:

"Zoom" - This meeting is via Zoom only
"Franklin" - This meeting is in person in Franklin at the Church of the Redeemer and via Zoom. See below for our Covid Policy

March 23rd - Image Study - Commentator Ray Guillette - Theme Favorites


The theme is Favorites. It could be an image that is especially meaningful to the maker, one they wish they could do again, maybe from a favorite location, maybe a type of image they enjoy making (still life, action, portrait, abstract, etc.), or even one that they thought would do well in competition but didn’t. Multi Club images would be welcome, too.
Please submit one digital image on the website as usual by noon on Wednesday, March 22nd. Image submissions will close after 20 images total have been submitted.



March 24th - Friday 11:59 PM  - Competition Deadline - Digital Black & White, Travel and Open


March 30th - "Travel Photography, Capturing the Essence of a Place" presented by Essdras Suarez

When it comes to using our photos to tell the story of a place one must think of not only documenting its urban and/or rural landscape but also its inhabitants. These include all sorts of living organisms besides humans. The more aspects of a place you can show, the more accurate depiction you will be able to deliver. This also means, photographing how these elements relate to each other and to their environment.

In this presentation, you will see examples of story-telling images that not only will give you a sense of place but also create a sense of relatability. We will also discuss the technical concepts as well as the different approaches to achieving said qualities.

We will look at the quality of light, principles of composition, decisive moments, portraiture, and story-telling moments, which are all useful techniques used that will help you tell the story of a place.

Bio: Two-time Pulitzer Prizewinner Essdras M Suarez worked as a photojournalist for newspapers for 20 years and a photographer for almost three decades. After being a newspaper staff photographer he worked for two and a half years as chief photographer for a photo startup called million eyez. He is currently a freelance photographer and chief photographer for EMS Photo Adventures, LLC.

Since moving to Alexandria, VA in 2015, he’s continued to do editorial and commercial freelance work as well as covering chosen news assignments and events. Through EMS Photo Adventures, he shares his knowledge and experience with others while helping them become better photographers and get the recognition they deserve. This he does through group or one-on-one private workshop programs locally, nationally, or internationally. Or through virtual webinars. EMS PA has a staff of dedicated world-class and award-winning photographers mentors and instructors.




Field Trips, Workshops and Events of Interest


SBCC Member Image Exhibition at the Anglican Church of the Redeemer

The SBCC Member Print Exhibition is now up and running at our in-person meeting location at the Anglican Church of the Redeemer (Hayward Manor) in Franklin, MA.  You can view the images at our next in-person meeting on March 2nd or during normal business hours at Hayward Manor from Monday-Friday. Hayward Manor is located at 195 Main Street in Franklin.


SBCC Women vs Men Photo Challenge


The Challenge will be held on June 8, 2023 both at the Church and on Zoom. Your image will be shown side-by-side with your counterpart, where 2 judges (one female, one male) will evaluate and pronounce the winner. The overall Women vs Men winner will be tabulated and announced at the end of the evening.

While this is a Challenge, it is designed to be fun. Embrace the fun!

Important dates   -  Submit image by June 1, 2023 Submission instructions will be forthcoming.  Competition on June 8, 2023




Upcoming Workshops

April 22, 2023 Creative Abstracts with Jim Borrebach

This will be a live event.  We will be shooting Creative Abstracts both in an indoor and outdoor setting.  Setups will include paper, oil in water, and reflections in iridescent glass and mylar.  A portion of the workshop will be outside where we will search for abstract compositions in nature that could include reflections, spring growth, etc. 

9am -noon

$15 per person, 10 maximum.

Registration opens March 30, 2023 at 5 pm

For more information and to register: /Events/View/c1f5a7f5-28fc-4747-a256-8e1bcd64fdf5


May 20, 2023 Hands-on Still life, and Light Painting with Ellen Kawadler

This will be a live event. We will be shooting still life setups with natural light and artificial light applying concepts from SBCC presentations on these subjects. This will be an opportunity to explore and practice these techniques in more depth. 

9 am -1 pm

$15 per person, 15 members max.

Registration opens 4/27/23 at 5 pm

For more information and to register: /club/Events_view.aspx?Eventid=32b92e00-933e-423f-a8da-406a2db9d4da


Unless noted otherwise in the workshop description, all workshops will occur using Zoom, the same program we use for meetings. Although a microphone and webcam are recommended, you can participate with just a microphone.  As with our meetings, once you register and pay, you will receive an email 2-3 days before the workshop giving you the information you will need to download the program, sign into the workshop and participate.  If we do not fill the workshop with members by the deadline date for registration, we will have the option to open registration to non-members at an increased fee. Rest assured this will still be first come, first serve and will not exceed the maximum number of participants.


Multi-Club Competition




For more information about the Multi-Club Competition, go to: /d/1fb67886-c7f2-4bd9-97c3-cba859cfa181




SBCC members can join the SBCC Meetup group for free. We schedule photo walks and field trips via Meetup. This is the LINK to Meetup. How to schedule a Meetup - click HERE


Rob DeRobertis Restrospective and Chat File

<Click on Images for video or chat



Through Your Eyes Invitation - Highlighting Some Of Our Members

Click on Image for video

Check out more videos HERE


After 2 years of hiatus, SBCC Reflections is back! In case you aren't familiar with the newsletter, you can check out past issues HERE.

Donna Parker and Tom Amsterburg are now the editors of Reflections and they would like to solicit articles from members for the newsletter, such as travelogues, how-to articles, review of favorite editing software, "how I made this image", and so forth. 
They want to hear from YOU, our members, so please reach out to them with your images and article ideas. Below are the links to their email addresses.

Tom's EMAIL 
Donna’s EMAIL



Need suggestions for places to go out and shoot???


Check out our information on Photo Shoot Locations at /d/b56444bf-9b6e-4ac3-a22d-b3e2f5f766be   or Click on the “Resources & Links” tab and then Click on “Photo Shoot Locations”.


SBCC COVID-19 Policy

  1. Up-to-date COVID vaccinations in-line with CDC recommendations are mandatory in order to attend all in-person meetings, including indoor meetups and workshops. Members are on the honor system to comply.
  1. Face masks are optional.
  1. SBCC is pleased to offer a hybrid format for those meetings that will be held in-person this season. Any members not comfortable attending will always have the option of joining remotely via Zoom or a similar streaming format.
  2. We will keep current with trends and regulations and may change our policy as needed.




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