2020 - 2021 Officers and Committees




 Silvana Della Camera -  President   Email
 Jim Borrebach- Vice President
 Ed Gooltz - Treasurer   Email
 Billi Manning - Secretary   Email
 Past Presidents

 Alan Litchfield
 Silvana Della Camera




 Field Trips - Ellen Kawadler
 Workshops - Donald Steele

 Competitions  Chair: Jim West

 B&W Prints: Bob Doyle
 Color Prints: Tony Mistretta
 Digital: Ann Bertulli
 NECCC Digital Rep: Kirsten Torkelson
 NECCC Prints Rep: Tony Mistretta
 Judges: David Marshak
 Scoring and Statistics: Cynthia Vogan
 Awards: Ed Gooltz
 Digital Study Group Forums

 Jim West - Landscape/Cityscapes
 Deb Boucher - Macro
 Cynthia Vogan - Nature
 Lynda Appel - Astro/Night
 Silvana DellaCamera - Infrared

 Image Study  Ray Guillette
 SBCC Membership Ambassadors
 Len Levitt
 Cynde Cusack
 Mark Landman
 New Members  Cynde Cusack
 Ray Guillette
 NECCC Digital Competition  Kirsten Torkelson 
 NECCC Print Competition  Anthony Mistretta
 Nominations  Janet Casey, Pamela Ruby Russell and Dan Gyves
 PSA Rep  Deb Cipolletti
 Program Committee    
 Jim Borrebach (chair)
 Bruce Garber
 David Marshak
 Ed Gooltz
 Faith Martin
 Janet Casey
 Ken Salome
 Lynda Appel
 Sarah Keates
 Silvana Della Camera
 Publicity  Carol Dandrade
 Reflections  Tom Amsterburg and Donna Parker
 Scholarship Fund  Billi Manning (Chair)
 TriClub Competition
 Anthony Mistretta
 Four Score Raffle  Ellen Berrenson
 Weekly Snacks  Janet Casey
 Website  Charlene Gaboriault (Webmaster) 
 Weekly Setup  Bruce Garber



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