Competition Forms and Rules

Use these forms to enter into print competitions.



Entry Forms:

Print Competition Entry Form: This form may be printed on hard stock and filled in using pen, pencil or crayon.

Entry forms will also be available at SBCC meetings.

Print Labels

Labels for use on the back of your prints

Print Competition Rules

Print Categories:  There are three categories of prints:

·       Black & White (no class designations)
·       Color Class B
·       Color Class A

Black & white prints may be toned in one shade of color other than black (like sepia or cyan), but prints that have elements that are selectively colored should be entered in the color print categories.

Print Sizes:  Prints may be in the portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) format.  Prints shall be at least 8x10 inches excluding any mat.  The maximum outer dimensions are 16x20 inches including any mat.  An exception to this rule is made for panel prints which may be up to 16x36 inches, horizontal orientation only, including any mat.

Preparing Prints for Competition:  The backing of each print must be a flat, single sheet of cardboard, mat board, or foam-core.  Prints on sheet metal are allowed and require no backing. Prints may be matted or unmatted.  All mats should be attached to the backing on all four sides. Whether matted or unmatted, the overall quality of image presentation may affect a print’s score.  No hanging materials or frames are allowed.  Please write your name and print title clearly on the upper center back of each print in the orientation that you expect the print to be displayed.

Two forms must be prepared, an official SBCC print label and an entry card.  These can both be found on our club website.  The print labels should be printed on adhesive backed full sheet print labels (Avery or Staples 8165), which will allow for 10 print labels to a page.  The print labels may be cut and attached to the back of the print in the upper left-hand corner.  Write the competition date on the print label, but leave the score and award lines blank.

The entry cards should be printed on card stock and print 8 cards to a page.  Place a check mark to designate the appropriate print category and class for color prints.  Fill out the competition date, print title and maker lines.  The entry card should accompany the print but not adhered to the print.  The best way to do this is to slip a corner of the card into the space between the print and the mat.

A limited supply of forms may be available on competition night, but it is best to do these yourself at home prior to the competition night.

New in 2018:  In lieu of a print card, members may submit a digital image of their print on the club website under “Submit Images to a Competition”.  This must be done at least two days in advance of the competition.   Once your digital images and print data have been entered and accepted, you may print a label to attach to the back of your print.  The data will be made available to the print competition chairperson, so there is now no need for you to fill out a print card.  See sample print screens from our website below.  If you have any difficulties with this process, please contact the print chairperson.





Submitting Prints:  Prints are submitted on the night of the competition meeting, between 10-30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  The print chairpersons will be available to assist with any questions you may have.


NECCC Interclub Competitions:  The print chairpersons may select award-winning prints to compete in the interclub competitions.  Panel size prints and metal prints are not eligible to compete at this level.


Print Competition Rules (Print Version)


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