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Competition - Digital: Nature, B&W, Pets and Critters (7:30 PM EST)
Workshop: Painting With Photoshop for Beginners with Ellen Kawadler (9:00 AM EST)
Ever wanted to give your images a real painterly look without the use of plugins. Don’t have the patience to work on an image for days. Want the easy way out. Then this workshop is for you! Yes, we will use brushes and we will paint our images but with the use of layers and selections the process will be simplified so anyone can paint like a pro and best of all complete your masterpiece in a short amount of time. We will cover the use of the mixer brush and different photoshop brushes for different effects. You will learn how to make a background from your image and different ways to change this up. We will complete a simple image from start to finish and even look at adding some enhancements from some plugin programs like Topaz and Color Efex Pro. You will need to have Photoshop and some knowledge of selections and layers. Please bring your laptops with the latest version of Photoshop installed and a tablet if you have one. The additional software programs like Topaz Studio and the Nik Collection (by DXO) are optional. I will be providing an image and brushes that we will use for practice.
Nancy Corbonano - TBA (7:30 PM EST)
Holiday Banquet (6:00 PM EST)

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