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February 2019
February 2019
February 2019
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Black and White - Geff Bourke (7:30 PM EST)
Glennie Pre Admission (11:59 PM EST)
Status: Closed Closed: Friday, February 1, 2019 11:59 PM
Competition Night - Nature, B&W, Street (7:30 PM EST)
Black & White (Monochrome) Digital (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Nature Digital (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Street Photography (7:30 PM EST)
Status: Judged
Image Study (7:30 PM EST)
Cabin Fever (at the Norfolk Library) (7:30 PM EST)
This is your chance to take images of a variety of still set-ups. We will have tables where you can manipulate the items to design your own setup and others that will be designed for you.  There will be photo tents with lights, light boxes, flowers and vases, antiques, bottles, seashells, feathers, and so much more. Suggested equipment to bring- Tripod Polarizer Camera/cell phone Macro lens Telephoto lens Remote Extension tubes We will need help setting up and taking down the set-ups. Set up will start at 6 PM.
March Digital Competition Deadline
Closing: People And Portraits Digital (11:59 PM EST)
Closes: Friday, February 22, 2019 11:59 PM
Closing: Color Open Digital (11:59 PM EST)
Closes: Friday, February 22, 2019 11:59 PM
Travel Photography -- LOU JONES (7:30 PM EST)
Lou Jones' eclectic career has evolved from commercial to the personal. It has spanned every format, film type, artistic movement and technological change. He maintains a studio in Boston, Massachusetts and has photographed for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, international companies and stateside businesses including Federal Express, Nike, Aetna, International Association of Ironworkers, Millennium Partners, KLM and the Barr Foundation. He has completed assignments for magazines and publishers all over the world such as Time/Life, National Geographic, Fortune and Paris Match and covered thirteen summer and winter Olympic Games. Jones has initiated long term projects on the civil wars in Central America, He worked on the project “Death Row” and continues to work on other projects such as “Pregnancy”, “Distressed” and “panAFRICAproject”. Jones has also published multiple books.

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