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Competition Night - Nature, B&W, Macro (7:30 PM EDT)
Image Makers and Glennie Competition Images (7:30 PM EDT)
Thinking in Spaces — Riley and Parker Halliday (7:30 PM EDT)
Thinking in Spaces, presented by Riley and Parker Halliday explores how through props, styling, and set design, a photograph can transport a viewer into a whole different world.
Elections/A. Cemal Ekin - From Many To One How and why to combine multiple images into a single photograph (7:30 PM EDT)
From Many To One How and why to combine multiple images into a single photograph There are various reasons for shooting multiple images and end up with one that benefits from all of them. There are the most obvious ones, like panoramic stitching and HDR blending. When done right, these can produce striking results. In this program, I will briefly touch upon these but the main focus will be to create a single photograph that combines multiple exposures into one, either in camera or in post production. My aim is not to produce "painterly" photographs, a term I strongly oppose. The end result I produce should retain its photographic qualities but express additional sensibilities like motion, different vantage points, and the feelings that go with them. The main tools mentioned will be a camera, a flash unit with stroboscopic flash capabilities, and Photoshop.

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