Your SBCC membership now includes the opportunity to participate in four types of activities that will be offered throughout the year. These include but may not be limited to field trips, workshops, presenter programs, and life member seminars. All of these events will be posted on our website in our club calendar which is located on the home page under the calendar tab in the top menu bar.

Each attendee will be required to sign up using the club website, so that the organizer knows who to expect. To sign up, click the link located on the calendar for that event. Signups will open on the Thursday night meeting 3 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop, will be on a first come, first serve basis and will be announced to all members. If we have to limit the number of attendees, there will be a wait list, which automatically lets waiting attendees in when somebody else drops out. You will receive an email confirming your registration for the event when you register, when you remove yourself from registration or the wait list, and when you are removed from the waitlist and move into a registration slot that has opened up.

Please do not attend an event if you are on the wait list, but be willing and prepared to jump in with fairly short notice (or remove yourself from the event if you cannot or are not willing to do so). If special equipment, skills or limitations are needed or suggested, it will be mentioned in the description, please make sure to read that in full before signing up.

If there is a fee for the activity, you will not be considered registered until the fee is paid per the workshop rules*. Because of liability issues, only members may attend.

Signups for all activities will follow the Activities Rules*.

Please see the descriptions below:

Field Trips

Field trips are opportunities to join other members to shoot on locations outside the club's regular meetings. Suggestions for locations are welcome and can be mentioned or emailed to the field trip organizers. In most cases, field trips will be half day events, but longer trips may be included. The trips may include a specific topic to be practiced or technique to be learned or simply focus on the location and its appeal. Field trips will not require a fee in most cases, but if the venue has an admission fee, it will be the responsibility of the member.


These will be presented on various topics by our members who have volunteered and are not paid for this. In the past, they have included portrait photography, landscape photography, black and white photography, video photography, Lightroom instruction, to mention a few. These may be entirely lecture, or an out in the field session, or a combination of the two. These programs will require payment of $15 per session, pre-registration, and will have a limit on the number of attendees. If the workshop is not full, non-members may be permitted for a $25 donation.

Presenter Programs

Some of our guest speakers at our regular club meetings have been able to offer us an additional opportunity to join them for a private workshop. The speaker will set the fee, venue, and type of program.

Life Member Seminars

Our life members have a wealth of information to share. This is an opportunity for them to provide an educational program for the membership. This could be in the form of a lecture, demonstration, field excursion, or any combination. The presenter will set the fee, if any, venue, and number of attendees.

*Activities Rules

All activities signups by members will open on the Thursday night meeting 3 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Cash or non-refundable check made out to SBCC for the amount of the activity will be required to secure your participation unless it is a free event. You may send a check postmarked before the registration date to Ed Gooltz at 24 Longmeadow Lane, Sharon, MA 02067 if you will not be at the meeting on the date that reservations open.

In the event that we exceed the maximum number of participants on the first night of reservations, a lottery will occur to choose the participants. If the activity is not fully subscribed on the first night, then we will continue to accept reservations on a first come, first serve basis until full.

A wait list will be maintained should a member decide not to attend. It is the responsibility of the member to remove themselves from the registration list so the first person on the waitlist will then be able to attend. Please remember if a fee has been paid, the member removing themselves from the activity does not get a refund and needs to obtain a refund from the person that was on the waitlist.

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