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Elections/A. Cemal Ekin - From Many To One How and why to combine multiple images into a single photograph (7:30 PM EDT)
Special Announcement: tonight's speaker will be Mike Goodman. The program will be: A Night with Mike - Photoessays Mike has assembled some of his favorite photographs from the past few years into a series of short musical photo-essays. Many of the images were taken quite near - just a few miles from his New Hampshire home or maybe three to four hours by car up or down the coast. Some were taken in places requiring days of air and land travel to reach. He will be sharing stories about the images as well as answering questions as we progress through an evening meant to inspire and educate.
Competition - Image of the Year (7:30 PM EDT)
Rick Friedman -- Boston Photojournalist (7:30 PM EDT)
Photojournalist Rick Friedman will talk about some of the highlights from his 40 year career as magazine, political, corporate and motion picture  photographer. He will share the images and some of the back stories show the images where create.  Rick will demonstrate the lighting and photography equipment used in creating the photos.  Rick will show photographs from his recent assignments in Africa and the United Arab Emirates.
Creative Lighting Workshop With Rick Friedman (9:00 AM EDT)
Come join us for a day of creating with Speedlights and photographing models! Join award-winning photographer, Rick Friedman, for an intensive full-day, creative speedlight workshop! Whether you are a professional or amateur, you will greatly expand your knowledge of lighting when you learn how to utilize speedlights creativity. You won’t want to miss this workshop!  How to create interesting portraiture lighting with speedlight on-camera  How to create a multiple speedlights set ups  How to control your speedlights using different modifiers, grip equipment, and radios  How to create hard & soft light using softboxes, striplights, reflectors, and grids  The use of color gels and projected backgrounds.  How to use your in camera light meter & using flash meters.  Using your speedlights outside, weather permitting  The effects of lenses and depth of field in portraiture  Mixing ambient light and speedlights Please bring your own camera and lenses. Rick will instruct on all brands of cameras. Attendees must already possess an understanding of ISO, shutter speed, aperture and basic camera functions. All lighting equipment, radios, speedlights, and grip equipment will be provided. Bringing your own speedlight is encouraged. You can plan on leaving this workshop feeling empowered to create great images, no matter what lighting situation you come up against! Sign up today! Payment will be via Paypal directly on Rick's website. Scroll down to May 18th to find the payment link. Maximum of 20 people for workshop. Location of event: Whitney Place, 675 S Main St, Sharon, MA 02067
Astro Landscape - Jurgen Lobert (7:30 PM EDT)
Art and Activism - Mattie Simas (7:30 PM EDT)

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