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January 2020
January 2020
January 2020
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Competition - Digital: Open & People, Prints: Color & BW (7:30 PM EST)
Dynamic Waterscapes by Kurt Budliger (7:30 PM EST)
Lightroom and Photoshop by Betty Wiley (7:30 PM EST)
New Member Showcase (7:30 PM EST)
Workshop: Marketing and Selling Your Photos with John Wiliszowski (9:00 AM EST)
Marketing and selling your photography can be exciting, fun, challenging, educational and sometimes frustrating and disappointing.  Knowing that someone has chosen to purchase and show your work in their home or office is flattering and exhilarating.  “Ways to Market and Sell Your Photographs” will detail the venues available for a photographer to market and sell their work as well as the risk, obligations, and business techniques of selling your work.  During this session, we will discuss outlets like direct sale, stock photo sites, personal web sites, souvenir/specialty stores, cooperatives and fine art galleries.  We’ll talk about advertising channels such as social media, print and on-line advertising.  The talk will discuss the cost, profit, commissions, royalties and responsibilities/expectations of participating within each venue and discuss product offerings like digital downloads, framed images, canvases and specialty items. Selling the images of people, places and things also bring responsibility and risk.  No examination of marketing and selling your photography would be complete without a discussion of your responsibility for model releases and taxes.  And, the risk you’ll face from copyright infringement and how best to protect your interests.  A BTW for photographers interested in marketing and selling their photographs; the most expensive photograph sold to date was made by contemporary photographer, Peter Lik (1959 to present).  Peter’s work, the "Phantom" (2014) most recently sold for $6,5 million. See below and link:

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