Workshop: Essentials of Infrared Photography with Silvana Della Camera

The event was held on Saturday, September 30, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Essentials of Infrared Photography

So, you have an infrared converted camera or shoot with infrared filters. Perhaps you have been considering venturing into infrared photography and want to learn what is required to shoot and process infrared. Infrared, or IR photography, offers photographers the opportunity to explore the world of the unseen. Infrared photography creates unique images capable of portraying things not normally visible to the human eye.

You will learn the importance of white balance and how it affects your images. You will learn how to properly set the white balance in-camera (if your camera has the option) as well as setting it properly during post-processing. We will discuss the various types of infrared filters and how they render photographically. You will learn to visualize a scene in infrared and understand how infrared light affects a scene. We will identify best practices to photograph in infrared and how to handle infrared raw images in post processing.

There is so much more to extract from that funky infrared RAW image than just black and white. Regardless of which wavelength(s) your images are photographed in, much more can be obtained from the raw image. Infrared can be a challenge to shoot and to process. This workshop will provide you with the necessary knowledge to master it and turn your captures into beautiful surreal art.

This workshop will have two sessions.

The first session will be an on-location shoot and will require you to have either

  • An infrared converted camera OR 
  • Regular camera with a 720nm infrared filter (tripod required).

Sept 30th (rain date Oct 1st) 9-11 am for the live shoot

Francis William Bird Park

135 Polley Ln, East Walpole, MA 02032

The second session will cover post-processing on your infrared images.  You will need Photoshop and some knowledge of layers for this part.

Oct 10th 9 am-11 am Post-processing via zoom This will be recorded for those that have signed up for this workshop. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Registration opens Sept 8 at 5pm (We will be opening it to non-members so don't wait to register)

Bio: A software engineer by trade, Silvana began her fascination with photography as a very small child. The early fascination turned into a lifelong obsession. Decades later her passion never faltered, but her view of the world evolved. Photographing what the eye can't perceive is what she loves best to capture. Past President of the Stony Brook Camera Club, she is the recipient of many photography awards. Her images have appeared in Lighthouse Digest, Yankee Magazine, and the Boston Globe, and were featured in Nikon’s 100th birthday celebration. She has presented and judged at camera club councils, camera clubs, and art associations throughout the US.

Silvana helps others expand their own photographic vision through her photography workshops, photo walks, photo tours, private instruction, and club presentations on various photography topics including infrared, Milky Way, black & white, nightscapes, deep space photography, and time-lapse. She challenges photographers to consider that there is much more in a scene than what is visible to the human eye and to tap into the power of their cameras to discover it.

To her, life is best summarized by the quote “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” – from the 1958 film “Auntie Mame”.

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Francis William Bird Park

135 Polley Ln, East Walpole, MA 02032

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