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For over 50 years SBCC's mission statement has been “To promote enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography through education, fellowship, exchange of knowledge and experience; and a broad appreciation of nature and environment.”  SBCC includes and welcomes members of all abilities. Whether a casual smartphone shooter or an advanced photographer, everyone grows in knowledge and experience through SBCC’s many programs and workshops.

The Stony Brook Camera Club meets virtually on Thursdays at 6:30 PM for a social hour and 7:30 for the program from September to June. See our calendar for the schedule of events. Our meetings feature competitions, speakers, image studies and discussions of general interest. We also sponsor a number of image-taking activities all year. Anyone is welcome to attend and experience what we are about, although participation in competitions and our many activities requires membership (see the Membership menu item in the Main Menu above). 

We hope you enjoy this site and your time with us all.

The Slideshow to the right features  Ribbon Winning Images for 2020 - 2021




Interested in seeing what Stony Brook Camera Club is all about? You are welcome to join as a Guest Member for 30 days. Just fill out this Form and you will be added to the attendee list for the next 30 days. 


Upcoming Virtual Meetings on Zoom 

IMPORTANT: We are now using a new tool for emails. Please check your spam/junk and promotions folders for SBCC emails and mark the sender as a contact.



March 4th  - Competition Night - Color Open and People & Portraits


March 11th - Image Study Night with Ray Guillette

Old Subject – New Look
Subject could be:

A location;
A theme (birds, abstract, architecture, etc.)
A different lens;
A different viewpoint;
Or Whatever

Provide an “Old” Photo and “New” Photo


March 18th - "Beyond the Grand Landscape: Expanding Your Vision to Include Nature's Smaller Scenes" - presented by Sarah Marino

Nature photography is about so much more than epic grand landscapes. In this session, Sarah will teach you how to see beyond the grand scenes to expand your photographic opportunities, improve your observation skills, work with any kind of light, and bring diversity to your photo portfolio. Sarah will share a lot of examples, plus a few in-depth case studies, of intimate landscapes, abstract renditions of natural subjects, and portraits of plants and trees to inspire you to seek out small scenes next time you are outside with your camera.







Field Trips, Workshops and Events of Interest


Until further notice all workshops will occur using Zoom, the same program we use for meetings. Although a microphone and webcam are recommended, you can participate with just a microphone.  As with our meetings, once you register and pay, you will receive an email 2-3 days before the workshop giving you the information you will need to download the program, sign into the workshop and participate.  If we do not fill the workshop with members by the deadline date for registration, we will have the option to open registration to non-members at an increased fee. Rest assured this will still be first come, first serve and will not exceed the maximum number of participants.


Upcoming Workshops


Pocket Photography with David Marshak and Bruce Garber

Even as photographers we don’t always have our DSLR with us. However, we almost always have our smart phone in our pocket. It has an amazing camera in it. And it’s not only like having a camera in your pocket, it’s like having a studio in your pocket

Do you use it? 

Do you know how to use it? 

Would you like to be better with it? 

We’ll talk about shooting and editing, whether you want to shoot on the phone and edit on the PC or do it all in your phone. We’ll share with you some tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. This includes doing things with your phone that are easier than with your camera. By the end of this pocket photography workshop you’ll learn how to make an image and post process the image all in your phone. You’ll also see how to use your phone as a camera within your existing computer-based processing workflow, and even see how to use your phone to process images from your “big boy” camera. We’re all visual storytellers. If time permits, we will also, touch on taking/processing video and live streaming.

Date: March 13

Time: 9 am - 12 noon via Zoom

Cost: $15, maximum 15

Registration opens on 2/18/2021 5 PM

For more information and to register, click on the link below




Workshops Coming this Spring 2021 on Zoom

Mindful Photography with Janet Casey Two sessions 5/8/2021, 5/15/2021




Through Your Eyes Invitation - Highlighting Some Of Our Members

Click on Image for video

Check out more videos HERE


Our annual SBCC Gallery Show has gone virtual this year!

For years we have had an annual month-long show at the Norfolk Public Library. Thanks to Dan Gyves, we have had a wonderful show at the library.As COVID-19 has altered our lives in many ways (understatement), we will still have our show, but this year it will be virtual.

Instead of hanging our prints on the walls at the library, we will instead create a show on YouTube. You will be able to share the YouTube video on your own website, social media and it will be on the SBCC website as well. We hope to share the video with the Norfolk Library and other establishments to help promote our club.

We will be accepting your images via Google Drive (Please log in to our website and click HERE to access the Google Drive Link). Please provide a high-resolution image with the following criteria:

  • Up to 3 images per person
  • 3 MB minimum file size
  • 280 DPI minimum
  • Name your image as follows: FirstName.LastName.ImageTitle.jpg
  • No watermark please - we will be adding a watermark to each image to have a consistent position and font type across the video.
  • Photographer bio. It can be a short video or written piece. Include your website if you have one.
    • MP4 format for video. Please name the video as follows: FirstName.LastName.mp4

A maximum of 40 members can submit. First come, first serve.

If you have any questions, just ask!


After 2 years of hiatus, SBCC Reflections is back! In case you aren't familiar with the newsletter, you can check out past issues here.

Donna Parker and Tom Amsterburg are now the editors of Reflections and they would like to solicit articles from members for the newsletter, such as travelogues, how-to articles, review of favorite editing software, "how I made this image", and so forth. 
They want to hear from YOU, our members, so please reach out to them with your images and article ideas. Below are the links to their email addresses.

Tom's EMAIL 
Donna’s EMAIL

SBCC Mentoring Program

The SBCC Mentoring Program is well underway! Huge shout-out to the folks that have signed up thus far! 

With this mentoring program, we hope to help people get questions answered and get the nudge they need to get on the right path to increase their skills.   Here's the link to the mentoring survey. It is lengthy but please do be as thorough as possible. A successful mentoring program is built on the foundation constructed from the details provided by the mentor/mentees.

If you have any questions or concerns about being a mentor or a mentee, please reach out and let us know. 

Thank you,
Silvana Della Camera, President
Jim Borrebach, Vice President


The 2020-21 Multi-Club competition categories have been determined.  The eight categories are:

Abstract - Architecture - Life During COVID - Macro/Close-up - Monochrome - Motion - Reflections - Two Things

We are competing this year with three other clubs: Boston, Gateway and Newton.  Your photos must originate in the period of April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.  Each club will select their best photos in each category to compete in the multi-club competition in April, 2021.  We will compete in Classes A and B with rules and format similar to last year.  Participation is open to all club members.  More information on the Multi-Club Competition Page

Image size - Competition maximum pixel width for images: 1400 and Competition maximum pixel height for images: 1050

Link to submit images> Submit Image


Check out our New "Nikon", "Infrared Photography" and "Night Photography" Forums

Nikon - in this forum, members can post questions about any aspect of Nikon Camera including flashes, settings, technique, post processing, education, and gear.  Infrared Photography - in this forum, any questions pertaining to shooting and processing infrared images with a converted camera or with IR filters.

From the Main Menu, click on Forums or use this LINK You must be logged in to access the forum.  If you want to be emailed whenever there is a posting to the Forum, just click on the Subscribe button.  This is an alternative to those people who might not be on Facebook but have questions about photography.


Need suggestions for places to go out and shoot???

Check out our information on Photo Shoot Locations at /d/b56444bf-9b6e-4ac3-a22d-b3e2f5f766be   or Click on the “Resources & Links” tab and then Click on “Photo Shoot Locations”.


SBCC is now in the affiliate program of Skylum! Please use the link below whenever going to their website so discounts can be utilized. 

Skylum Website


Note: If you need elevator access at Dean College for club meetings, please contact Alan at 508-254-3182 and he will make arrangements with Dean staff. Dean does not leave the elevator key in the elevator door, per their own internal policies.  Text or phone call is fine and I would suggest contacting me before 5pm on the day of the meeting.



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