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We're in our 48th year, promoting enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography through education, by mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, and by promoting a broad appreciation of our natural environment. 

The Stony Brook Camera Club meets Thursdays at 7:30 PM, except holidays, September to June, in Franklin, MA (see About Us | Contact Us/Directions). Our meetings feature competitions, speakers, image studies and discussions of general interest. We also sponsor a number of image-taking activities all year (see Calendar above). Anyone is welcome to attend and experience what we are about, although participation in competitions and our many activities requires membership (see the Membership menu item in the Main Menu above).

We hope you enjoy this site and your time with us all.

The Slideshow to the right features  2017 - 2018 Image Winners



Dec 21 - Holiday Break

Dec 22 - Digital Competition Images Due by 11:59pm (Architecture, Travel)

Dec 28 - Holiday Break

Jan 4th - Competition - Architecture, Travel

Jan 11th - John Barclay: Discovery & The Creative Process

This program comes from my observation of those whom I photograph with or teach in a workshop. I have witnessed their struggle to discover worthy images. As with all of my programs, it is also autobiographical in that I have the same struggles. These struggles come from what I call F.U.D. or fears, uncertainty and doubts. Once we encounter F.U.D., it becomes difficult to find something to photograph. The intent of this program is to address the F.U.D. and suggest ideas as to how we can overcome it. I will share concepts, ideas, and images designed to build confidence or inspire any level of photographer. At the end of the presentation, I will show 7 personal “discoveries” in an effort to cement the concepts discussed. 

John Barclay (PA) 2017 bio is an award winning freelance photographer based in Bucks County, PA. A passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader, he is also an inspirational speaker, presenting his programs and leading workshops to audiences around the world. John’s work has been published in a number of books and magazines and is treasured by a number of private collectors. Recently, John was the recipient of an excellence award from B&W Magazine and was chosen by Dewitt Jones to participate in his www.healingimages.org program. John is respected for his processing knowledge and well known for his Topaz Software webinars . You can see his work and view his workshop schedule at 

Jan 18th - Image Study

Jan 19th - Digital Competition Images Due by 11:59pm (People, Prints (BW and Color), Nature)

Jan 25th - New Member Showcase

Feb 1st - Competition - (People, Prints (BW and Color), Nature)

Feb 8th - Ron Wilson - "The Art of Landscape Photography"

The Art of Landscape Photography will cover three components essential to good landscape photography:

Subject Matter………………….Is it engaging?
Lighting Conditions………….Are they favorable?
Composition……………………Does it work?

Subject matter provides the building blocks while composition acts as the glue holding it all together and lighting sets the stage for capturing a moment able to convey a sense of being there.
1. How to think visually through use of the elements of color, shape, line, texture and pattern.
2. How to use light in a way that best reveals the subject. 
3. How to frame an image around an effective compositional base


Ron has photographed landscapes all over New England as well as Ireland, Scotland, Icelandand Greece using a large format view camera and processing his own images using the dye bleach process known as Cibachrome for 25 years. That changed in 2008 when he moved out of the darkroom and into digital photography with the purchase of a Canon IDS Mark III. Recently his photography was chosen by the Cape Cod National Seashore for their Perspective Series. This program showcases artists whose work has captured the essence of the this narrow land. His exhibit entitled “The Art of Seeing’ reflects on the words of Henry David Thoreau, ”The question is not what you look at, but what you see”. His Art of Landscape Photography Workshop sponsored by the CCAA is held each year in the spring. His studio and gallery is located in Post Office Square in downtown Plymouth.

Field Trips and Workshops 

Sunday Jan 14th 10:30am to 1:30 at the Norfolk Library

Why Should I attend the Lightroom Workshop?

  • Learn the difference between Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom-Version 7, Lightroom CC, etc
  • Learn New advanced rendering features in Lightroom 7 (Lightroom Classic CC) that adds impact through an intuitive and easy to use interface. Now, Lightroom may be the only program you need-Mask, preview, adjust and correct images.
  • Learn to use or better use Lightroom. Always nondestructive Lightroom will never touch your original.
  • Learn to edit and create multiple copies/treatments WITHOUT using valuable disc space.
  • Learn advanced image features. Cull faster, organize by SBCC categories and on your own; find images quicker

People can participate without a laptop.  However, John will make the images that he will use during the workshop on available on Dropbox.  If you would like, you can download the images and follow along.  Upon registration a survey will be available to attendees to give feedback for preparing the workshop.

This workshop is $15.00 for members and limited to 15. Please register ONLINE starting Dec 28th at 5PM - Your payment must be received by Jan 4th or your name will be removed from those registered. Check calendar HERE

NoteRefer to our SBCC Activities page for rules concerning registration and payment

Shoot a Master ... A Photographic Challenge

The challenge is to take an image from any of the masters in photography or paintings and to recreate that image making it your own. Images will be shown as part of our May 31 meeting. Makers will be encouraged to show the image of the master, and then their interpretation of that image. For the evening, we will ask the audience to pick the images they like the best and a small award will be offered to the winners.  Clink HERE for complete information!!! (If you plan to submit an image email Rob DeRobertis with a note that you accept the challenge. We will need at least 20 members committed by Feb 1 to make this event a success.)



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Free University Photography Courses

Lynda.com available free through Boston Public Library to all MA residents and those that work in MA.


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