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We're in our 49th year, promoting enjoyment and proficiency in all aspects of photography through education, by mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, and by promoting a broad appreciation of our natural environment. 

The Stony Brook Camera Club meets Thursdays at 7:30 PM, except holidays, September to June, in Franklin, MA (see About Us | Contact Us/Directions). Our meetings feature competitions, speakers, image studies and discussions of general interest. We also sponsor a number of image-taking activities all year (see Calendar above). Anyone is welcome to attend and experience what we are about, although participation in competitions and our many activities requires membership (see the Membership menu item in the Main Menu above).

We hope you enjoy this site and your time with us all.

The Slideshow to the right features some of our monthly  2018 - 2019 Image Winners



Competition Deadline! - Reminder that the deadline for digital competition submissions is Friday, October 19th at 11:59PM.

Oct 25th - Image Study -  “Photoshop Live” with Andre Bourque - at Church of the Redeember, Franklin

Our First Image Study Night will be on Thursday, October 25th.  Andre Bourque will be co-moderator and will demonstrate editing techniques with Photoshop. Please submit two versions of your one image, 1) un-edited and 2) post-processed. Andre will share his post-processing expertise “live” from your initial image. If you do not wish to have your image worked on “live” please put “No” in the title. Any subject matter is welcome, and feel free to inform us of any specific post-processing questions you may have:

Please submit your image by Monday, 10/22

As was the custom on other Image Study Nights, we will be asking members to share their thoughts about the images shown. It’s your chance to “be the judge”.

Nov 1st - Competition - Open, People, Architecture - at Norfolk Library

Nov 8thImages Reimagined by Joe Edelman - at Dean College

Field Trips and Workshops 


Mindful Photography presented by Janet Casey - Saturday October 20th

The event will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The workshop takes place at the Center at Westwoods, 590 Gay Street, Westwood, MA, a beautiful, spiritual education center, located on 70 acres of preserved farmland, forests and wetlands.

“One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.” – Minor White

There is more to photography than just recording what is there. It is important to also “feel” your subject by bringing your full awareness to the present moment.  Through meditation and specific photography exercises, Janet encourages participants to “see” the world in a new light.  This is not a technical course.  Any camera, including a smartphone, is acceptable.  

This is Janet’s fourth workshop on Mindful Photography for Stony Brook. 

Registration opens on 9/27/2018 5:00:00 PM  Maximum 12 participants, $25 pp

Link to registration /Events/View/497645a8-5a60-4683-aa7f-482b2f597fa7


Infra-red Photography, Seeing Further presented by Silvana DellaCamera - Saturday October 27th

The event will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Norfolk Public Library, 139 Main St, Norfolk, MA 02056

"Infra-red photography allows photographers to re-invent their vision with otherworldly qualities. This workshop will teach you what you need to know about camera settings, subject and composition for infra-red photography, along with the post processing workflow. We will start the workshop with camera techniques and then go out and shoot! We will then process our captures and learn about the ins and outs of IR post processing."


·     Camera with a wide telephoto lens (or an infra-red converted camera of any IR wavelength)
·     720 nm IR filter to fit the lens you are using for the workshop and a tripod (if using a regular camera and not a converted one).

·     Bring your laptop. Please be sure to install the native processing software for your camera. This is necessary for setting proper white balance before editing in PS/LR. If you're not sure which, software you need, please contact me and I can help you determine which it is.

·     Card reader for downloading the images off your camera for post processing.

Silvana has been slinging a camera since the age of 14. The fascination with photography has been a lifelong passion - more like a permanent itch.

Registration opens on 10/4/2018 5:00:00 PM, Maximum 15 participants, $15 pp

Link to Registration /Club/Events_view.aspx?Eventid=2d1b1477-1ae5-4f58-8771-e524c8c6ba58

In the Shadow of the Masters - Black and White Photography Workshop presented by Michael Rice

The event will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. at the Norfolk Public Library 
Registration will open Sunday Oct 21st at 5 pm since we need time to advertise to all members. Open to 15 members at $15 pp.

Use this link to register:  /Club/Events_view.aspx?EventID=2c965ca4-4923-4cdc-a01d-ccb72ebf2c05


Black and White photography stirs our emotions and poses questions. The interplay of what is revealed in the light and what is hidden in the dark spins the story. Sometimes what is concealed in the shadows is more important than what in plain sight. How you create dramatic Black and White images allow those that view them to use their imagination to the complete story. 

Content will include:

·  Inspiration, why Black and White

·  Black & White versus color

·  How to think in Black & White

·  Using lighting, leading lines and geometric area to enhance the image

·  Using shadows to hide and light to reveal

·  Camera settings for the best outcome

·  Post-processing for a dynamic photograph

·  Pre-visualization, the art, and craft of deciding how the image should look before the camera shutter is clicked, then the proper camera settings and post-processing to achieve the look


Michael Rice is a fine art landscape artist with a passion for black and white photography reminiscent of the old large format masters. Dramatic light, a smooth tonal range, and textural image details evoking the atmosphere of times past characterize his work. His color work is lush and vibrant, manipulating colors more like an oil painter. Light is playfully manipulated to create drama and intrigue. 

He honed his craft through the years working as a commercial, portrait, and wedding photographer, photo retoucher, and printmaker. His philosophy is that most photographers are either camera or computer oriented, meaning that while some photographers excel at taking pictures, others excel at enhancing the images on the computer. He believes that to take photography to the next level; one must pursue both disciplines. The synergy is; knowing what is possible in the digital darkroom, aids in the decision-making process in the field.

Once registration opens, you must register first using the Registration Information Button at the bottom of the screen, then come back and pay using the Buy Now Button 

Photo  Op! Field Trip! 

Mount Auburn Cemetery November 10th

More info is available at this link


Photography Trip to Charleston, South Carolina - March 23-28th, 2019

This event will be held March 23- 28th  2019 For more info on flights, car rentals, and hotel look here:   /Events/View/9deea9a6-2329-42b9-a893-e62cbb3b5977

Possible photographic opportunities include…

·         Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
·         Folly Beach and Pier
·         Ravenal Bridge
·         Skeleton Trees on Edisto Island
·         Old Sheldon Church Ruins
·         Historic Downtown Charleston

You will be responsible for obtaining your own airfare, rental car, and lodging. We will have an orientation meeting on the evening of March 23rd to discuss the itinerary. As we have done with other trips, the itinerary will be loosely structured and will allow you to stay with the group or venture out on your own, whichever you decide.

Photo Op! Field Trip!

Mount Auburn Cemetery November 10th

More info is available at this link:  /club/Events_view.aspx?Eventid=7138b5ba-c117-4e1a-94ee-8c722742fce6

NoteRefer to our SBCC Activities page for rules concerning registration and payment of Workshops


Shoot the Poets

Description: In the spirit of our 2017 "Shoot the Master's" project ... the Program Committee has come up with "Shoot the Poets". Our scheduled presentation night for this is Thursday, June 6th - 2019. All slideshows should be submitted by Friday May 24th, 2019. Delivery method to be determined. Please see your VP - Allan Litchfield (amlitchfield@gmail.com) with guideline question.
Goal: Take a song, poem, or piece of literature and capture the image/images that represent the words, ideas and feelings that the writing gives you. 
Topic: Use good judgement regarding vulgarity or sensitive topics (politics, abuse, etc). If multiple members choose the same writing - so be it. Each photographer will have a unique perspective.
Time: Assuming we have 80 minutes and 20 participants, four minutes per photographer will be the limit. That may mean select passages, which is ok.
Presentation method: Present it as a slideshow. Please convey your name, the author's name, year written, and title source as the first OR last slide. (for example:  Presented by Allan Litchfield, a [poem/song/writing] by Robert Frost, 1916, "The Road Not Taken"). If the writing is a passage selected from a larger work, please indicate that it is an excerpt (for example "An excerpt from The Road Not Taken"). 
Words/Narration: It is required that the words are displayed as a part of the slideshow. In addition, the words may also be optionally narrated via slideshow audio or live narration. If the writing is written/spoken in a foreign language - provide onscreen translations. Words may scroll or be shown in place. This will ensure that the viewers will have a clear understanding of the words.
Music: Background music is optional but if you choose musical lyrics, please do not play the actual song with sung lyrics.
Technical assistance: If you need help creating a slideshow, please reach out to our Lifetime member, Mike O'Connor. Mike has agreed to provide technical assistance to our members. Thank you, Mike! 


Once again this year, SBCC has the opportunity to exhibit members' prints at the Norfolk Public Library during November.
The hang date will be Saturday, November 3, from 12:00 noon until 4:00 P.M. The take-down date will be Saturday Dec.1, 10 A.M. to noon. 
All paid-up members are invited to participate with up to four prints (three if they are larger than 16" x 20").  
If you would like to participate, please contact dgyves@verizon.net with the following information for each print that you would like to display:
- Print title
- Dimensions of the framed item (height x width) (the size after framing) 
- Please tell me if the longest dimension is horizontal or vertical.
- Price if you wish to offer for sale, or let me know if the work is not for sale
- Two letters of the alphabet from A to J. (This will randomly self-select your location on the wall).
Prints should be matted and framed with a wire or other suitable means of hanging on the back.
Deadline for confirming your participation is Friday, October 26, or when we reach 75 items, whichever occurs first. 
 A reception will be planned, date to be determined.


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Free University Photography Courses

Lynda.com available free through Boston Public Library to all MA residents and those that work in MA.


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